Deja vu…. long long ago for a house church gathering in Pasadena I made these pages to assist in worship. Eric was part of that evening and I remember him asking for the file afterwards… turns out he’s still using them! Very cool. I’m so glad this simple little idea has helped facilitate worship…. worship that extends beyond the guitar and the songleader and invites participation and movement.

Anyway, here’s how Eric describes how it works:

I’ve been using a tool for small group worship that has helped bring a fresh twist to ‘plain ol’ strumming and singing.

I print out twently-four, 8.5 x 11 sheets that each have an artfully fonted, black and white excerpt from the Psalms or some other praise text. If the room is large, I print out double-copies. Before leading, I hang these sheets on the walls of the worship space using scotch tape. Some I hang low on the wall, some eye-level, and some higher. Some sheets, I scatter on the floor. It is best to have the sheets three to five feet apart from each other.

Typically, as I did early this morning for a Fuller D.Min. class, I begin with one song of declaratory praise, sung together. After that song is finished, I play quietly as I explain the worship excercise, saying:

1. Notice the words of praise from the scriptures scattered throughout the room.
2. As the music continues quietly, feel free to wander about, reading these verses.
3. You may read in silence. However, as a particular verse, phrase, or word impacts your soul, you are invited to read it aloud, spontaneously.
4. There is no hurry. We will allow several minutes to praise God through his Word in this way.

After the groups seems to have made it through most of the scriptures, I seemlessly lead into a final few songs. When this ritual is unfamiliar to the group at hand, it never fails to prompt a sincere and engaging worship response.


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