I can’t. It is 4:29 AM. I went to bed at 11:ish, woke up at 1:40, headache, took Tylenol, and nothing. No sleep. I can’t do it.

I’m thinking that part of it was the Chai I had around 5 pm. But I think a bigger part may be the Claritin-D. Those things have a way of making me hyper. So my brain is spinning…. I can feel by body tired, but sleep isn’t coming.

I’m so congested – allergies – that I can “hear”/feel my pulse in my right ear. I suppose that is kinda disgusting. Perhaps TMI (too much information), but there you go.

I think it might be the meds or the caffeine, but I am having trouble focusing…. my head is swimming with thoughts, but I can’t stay with one very long.

I would like very much to calm down…. to rest…. to be simple…. focused…. clear…. I would like to go to sleep.


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