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Update: HELP! Does anyone out there have the necessary software to conver this WMV file to a MPEG or MOV? If so could you do so and send it to me (or upload it to your site and give me a link)? The folks that want to use it this weekend are all Macophiles and […]

Slowed down long enough for a picture Originally uploaded by aaronklinefelter. The leg up in the air thing…. totally her Mother’s daughter. Click for some other fun Cloey pics.

I blogged over at Queen City Mission. Here’s a copy n paste: Per Michael’s pondeirng… Does Cincinnati deserve this rep [of a lot of well established house churches in the city]? And if so, why are there so many house churches? Is there something about the cultural DNA of Cincinnati that has produced such a […]

God Play


LizBowater’s Xanga Site – God Play: Maybe faith comes most alive when we can be brilliantly engaged in play with our God. Maybe it’s okay if our life of faith is let loose to get messy, wild, and scary. Maybe it’s okay if we walk away with scratches, sunburn, and bug-bites because when we walk […]

I’d go to this.

We’ve decided that its time to find a new home for our cats, Nicodemus and Butterfly. We want them to go to a good home… a place where they can go outside if they want and get lots of good lovin’. Their great pets, we just aren’t in a place where we can give much […]

Today as part of the review for their final, one of my Bible 10 classes recorded the entire letter of Galatians! They did a great job and did it in one take. There are a few kliches and tripped up words, but its 98% good to go. We did this one differently than the Revelation […]