Sickness (inward/outward blog)


Claiming Our Sickness:

By N. Gordon Cosby

A deep inner sickness has taken over when we can’t feel the suffering of those who are enduring structural violence every hour. We are in the psychological and spiritual condition of Dives who couldn’t see Lazarus on his doorstep, with his wounds and sores being licked by the dogs. He went through his whole life, never seeing this person at his doorstep.

How do we awaken from our sickness of not hearing the screams? First, by claiming our sickness. “God, I’m sick. I can’t feel the pain of another human being created in the image of the same ultimate reality that brought me into being.” Something is very wrong with a mother who can’t hear the crying of her baby in the night. And something is very wrong with me when I can’t hear the crying of the babies and their parents in Iraq and in the Sudan, and when I can’t hear the cries of the babies in my city when 49% of them are living in poverty.

God, I’m sick. I need a savior, a deliverer from the inner cancer eating away, not just at my emotions, but at my very soul. Claiming my sickness is the first part of awakening.

Source: Sermon


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