Infection VS church?


So this question came to me via email today:

“The question that I want to start asking is, how can we start infecting people with the message of the Kingdom? If church becomes a habit like smoking or biting your nails, it loses its life transforming ability, but if we start to think of transmitting TRUTH like a virus, it becomes like an epidemic. If we can mobilize enough infectious people, those who want to resist won’t be able to keep up with the rapid transformation of the social epidemic of Unconditional Love sparked by Jesus.”

On the one hand, I agree with this. The Kingdom-way is infectious. A contagion of hope in a world of despair. Church – the vibrant community of Jesus people – should spread like a virus – creating and birthing in all the unexpected places.

On the other hand, I’m not so sure that the “transforming ability” of the church is antithetical to habit. In fact, I might even go so far as to suggest that we are transformed by our habits. Our unlearning of sinful, destructive, idolatrous behaviour that is ingrained in our lives takes the even more powerful adoption of healthy patterns of living. We need habits of faith, ongoing developments that slowly chip away at the veneer of self-assuredness and pride. A virus can jump-start the process but we need constructive patterns to replace and subplant our broken wontenness.

Liturgy is a habit.
Prayer is a habit.
Worship is a habit.
Meditation is a habit.
Community is a habit.

Can these life-giving habits become destructive? Sure. Can we pervert the very things that help us enter into a transformative relationship with our Creator? Yup. But that’s not because all habits are evil and sinful, its because of our own self-addicted bent, we need continuous intervenous infusions of Grace.


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