Vineyard Central | Saving Saint Elizabeth


Vineyard Central | Saving Saint Elizabeth
From Eric Hansen:

May 22, 2006

Now I’ve done it. I’ve spoken this out as well at Sunday’s service

There were several people who expressed enthusiasm for the project, so there is initial support. (An aside:
For Elaine and me, one of the wonderful things about Vineyard Central is that ideas are supported and encouraged. It really helps us stay enthusiastic)

Okay. As to where we are now:

What we now need is commitment to participate so that we can schedule a project kick-off meeting. I think we need a team of at least 3, but not limited to 3. Anyone who is willing to participate should at least come to the initial kick-off meeting, because that?s when we?ll start looking at how much work is needed and what kind of time commitment will be required, as well as the kinds of activities that could be included under the heading Saving Saint Elizabeth (although Restoring Saint Elizabeth is probablay more accurate). This may actually take a couple of meetings, becuase I typically don’t like meetings that go over two hours, and so will try to limit these initial meetings to that amount of time.

My hope is that we can find ways for many, many people to participate in ways large and small, but we will need that core team that is willing to do some unglamorous, time-consuming, perhaps to some boring, routine work. Right now, I sort of think of this as a team of executive producers/producers.

At least some of the tasks take place during the kick-off sessions will be team building, brainstorming, identifying roles, identifying next steps, and accepting assignments and responsibility for one or more of those next steps.

If you are interested in attending the kick-off, email your contact information to me or post it here.

Eric Hansen


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