Holy Spirit Loop


Update: HELP! Does anyone out there have the necessary software to conver this WMV file to a MPEG or MOV? If so could you do so and send it to me (or upload it to your site and give me a link)? The folks that want to use it this weekend are all Macophiles and the file won’t work. Thanks!

For Pentecost I made this loop of images and Holy Spirit referencing scriptures, per the request of the venerable Sandie Brock. Its specificaly for our Pentecost Meeting on Saturday, but it works for any pneumanological thing.

Here it is if anyone would like to have a look or use for their own Pentecost meditation, worship gathering, house church fling, or whathaveyou:

Holy Spirit Loop (wmv 21 min. 15 MB)

I used primarily these three folks’ photos:
Alan Creech
Peter White
Lane Byrum (who I don’t know but apparently he lives in Cincy and I liked how he captured the urbanness and gravity of our fair city)
oh, and this photo – Fire @ Barneys – which I particularly like (which I used at the beginning and the thumbnail above).

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