Stop and Act


So today at school I was going room to room unhooking and labeling each computer (good times) so that it can all be moved, room re-carpeted, then put back in the right place. In the process I saw a poster that read:

“Stop and think
and think
and think
and think
and think
and think
before you act”

Which prompted me to think (appropriately enough I suppose) that we spend a lot of time stopping and thinking, but sometimes we never get around to actually acting. We think ourselves silly and with nothing but big heads to show for it. I think that is why I’m excited about this thing VC is going to host. Its about acting, getting out there and “doing the stuff”. Here’s the scoop:

Starving Jesus conference (see for more info on what it is)
w/ J.R. Mahon & Craig Gross
Vineyard Central
1757 Mills Avenue
Norwood, OH 45212
$20 Registration or $10 for groups of 5 or more.
Proceeds go to Compassion Int’l. and Local Minsitries through Starving Jesus.
Participants are encouraged to fast in some capacity for 24 hours beginning at 9am.
A free juice bar will be provided at the conference.
Registration and more details TBA.

Want in? We’d like to partner with several other churches/organizations to do this thing. Holla at me about it.


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