So, today I got an email from the guy who started it all. Um, no … not that guy. The other one – Steve Sjogren. I sent an email to a bunch of Vineyard pastors about Jun’s review of D’vine on the Queen City Mission blog. Steve replied and told me a bit of what he’s up to… Tampa, writing, etc…

I’m struck by how DNA gets transfered in churches. How the values and personalities of leaders – especially founding leaders – carries on through many generations. Steve started the Vineyard in Cincinnati 20 years ago. Now there are 25 (I think I heard) Vineyard congregations in and around the ‘Nati. Vineyard Central is one of those – we owe a lot to the work Steve and others did. We continue to carry some of that DNA with us. Sure, VC may look a lot different than the “typical Vineyard”, but we’re still in the family. Its genetic.

This leads me to 2 thoughts:

1. The sins of fathers (and mothers) are really really really hard to overcome. I’m not meaning to focus on the negative (see below), but every leader, organization, church, family has shortcomings and faults. We, the children’s children, have to recognize and deal with that. We just do. Not in a blaming or shaming way, we just have to ‘fess up and deal. Where are our corporate addictions and delusions? What sins do we want to not pass on to our children?

2. The things that influence those who influence us need to be noted. Its sorta like primary sources. Its like when we love an author and read everything they’ve written, eventually we want to read those writers who influence and shape them and their writing. So Steve gave me a link to the church he’s planting in Tampa, from which (througth magic of the internet) I found the following links:
Coastland Church
Outward Buzz – Steve’s podcast/vlog
The Day I Died
Servant Evangelism
Growing Edge
Tom Peters
Never Eat Alone
Seth’s blog
The Art of the Start (blog)

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