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Maria is tearing it up over on her blog. Go, Maria, Go! Check it out. Here’s an excerpt: Something Big is about to happen, and we are part of it. Cincinnati is about to turn around, and I feel the Church here will be a big part of that. Our hope is to exhort the […]



Over the last several months a small group of pastors, leaders, and dreamers have been getting together and talking. Blah, blah, blah… we’ve been talking about culture, spirituality, faith, leadership, theology, the Kingdom, and the church… and we’d like to invite you to join the conversation. On Monday, Oct. 2nd, from 4:00-5:30 PM, we’re getting […]

My neighbor and Presby Pastor, Russell Smith, has some great thoughts on House Churches and what the “Classic Church” (his term for traditional/institiutional) can learn from them. Definitely worth checking out: The Eagle and Child: The Classic Way of Church — what we can learn from House church Bullet-point Quotes: 1) House churches are intentional. […]

We had a great discussion last night at House Church. We spoke of how we are Ambassadors of the Kingdom. In the last few weeks we’ve been talking about what is next for us as an emerging community of folk. What is God calling our little church into? What are we to be about? The […]

Can you imagine how sticky they would be! – Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment

a king and a kingdom

Oh boy, now I’m in trouble. This is where I am. I’ve observed a most interesting occurrence. Whenever I start moving away from church-centric thinking and toward a more Kingdom of God (KoG) mindset I find that I keep “having church” more and more. Case in point. So I write this post critiquing my understanding […]