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On my mind


I don’t have many clearly focused thoughts today…. working on various projects here at work – including a video for a big shindig this weekend and playing with our new SchoolPad… looking forward to Family Time tonight… continued happiness that the basement is livable…. But here is a bit of what I’ve been reading today […]

Jason Evans posted this on his blog A5 1T 15: sausage, wine, frost and social space…. He ponders the idea of social space and its implications for mission… or visa versa. I’ve been pondering this similar space as well… certainly as VC made the decision to begin Sunday worship in our public space (St. E’s). […]



Last night our Über-Small House Church (maybe we should be called Über-Church) didn’t meet. We were going to, but Liz had a show, Maria and Brennan were both feeling under the weather, the Wetzels can’t meet on Weds. now that we moved nights, and John has a sculpture class till Christmas. Truly it worked out […]

A couple folks at school took online personality tests so I thought I’d take one too. The last several times I’ve taken such things I came out ENFJ and I did again. As I read the description I must admit that it nailed me…. just call me a Teacher Idealist. I’m in good company:

In house church we’ve been pursuing this perplexing question for the last several weeks… “What is normative for a group of followers of Jesus? Are there norms? If there are norms then where do they come from, how do we discern them, and how do we enact them?” Last week we talked about “how Jesus […]

A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future by Robert Webber in Christianity Today. again with nice.

15 Theses. Wolfgang Simson nice.