I Can’t Tell


I can’t tell if I have a lot on my mind or nothing at all. I’m kinda sleepy today and my head feels a bit scrambled egg-ish.

I have a bunch of partial thoughts about the nature of truth and our knowing of it. Stuff related to relationality and love. That we only truly know anything by way of relationships. That Love is the prime characteristic of our universe.

I have thoughts on church size and multiplication…. unformed largely. Scot McKnight polled on the matter and got some great comments. I surfed from there to this link which presents an interesting proposal – a vision really – of a church multiplication philosophy that is primarily driven by small churches (think house churches) but that is not exclusive to large gatherings. I find it quite compelling. See Small, Clustered, Multiplying Churches (note there is a pdf as well).

Then I hear about this movie, The Nativity Story. Somehow I’ve missed this…. Looks good. Mary as played by Keisha Castle-Hughes (of Whale Rider fame). Nice. Should produce lots of media buzz and consternation for some.

I continue have a sense that God is up to something in our midst. House Church was good last night. Maria and Brennan were there and we had a relaxing night with good discussion (and yummy meatloaf, mashed taters, broccoli, and brownies). Brennan brought his art journal to share and I was very impressed. I love how God speaks through art and artists. We talked about how Jesus was something of a Performance Artist for the Kingdom and how we are called to be the very same.

We’re off to our neighborhood camping trip. We’re going to Indian Lake State Park with 7 families from our ‘hood. I’m very much looking forward.

Peace to you this day.


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