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I can’t get the video to embed, but here’s a link – This is a very interesting video about Crossroads, our local mega-church. There’s a ton that you could exegete from this video…. lots of unpacking.  Like the couple (?) interviewed evaluating the veracity and legitimacy of Crossroads by “attendance”.  Is there a self-understanding […]

So, I had lunch today with the venerable Rob Lewin.  We pondered and discussed a good many things, not least of which was “discipleship”.  If planting a church is for the purpose of making more/better disciples then what in the world does it mean to be a disciple and how on earth will we as […]



So, I’m pondering. I’m pondering this blog – am I really going to use it? Is it time to start blogging again? I have really wanted to get up and running with my own hosting package (through a friend) and running WordPres via that – instead of relying on the hosting foibles of someone […]

I love our house church. Of course, its not hard when your 3 year old gets excited each week about her friends – Liz, Maria, Brennan, and John coming over. We eat well, sing passionately, prayer earnestly, and share our lives in ever increasing ways. We have an “official” name – Ashwood House Church. This […]