Unity in Diversity


I can’t get the video to embed, but here’s a link – http://www.current.tv/watch/69559992

This is a very interesting video about Crossroads, our local mega-church.

There’s a ton that you could exegete from this video…. lots of unpacking.  Like the couple (?) interviewed evaluating the veracity and legitimacy of Crossroads by “attendance”.  Is there a self-understanding of this congregation as a/the People of God?  What is success for this church – as defined by the leaders AND as defined by their “owners” (that’s, as I understand it, insider Crossroadian language for “members”)… AND defined by average-joe-attender?

I’m curious as to why Brian speaks of consolidation of small churches into one (or fewer?) as a good thing?  Is it really true that the diversity of churches inhibits Kingdom activity?  Is it true that a consolidation of ministries under one umbrella organization is more effective at extending Kingdom ministry?  If so then whose umbrella?  Do the Catholics get to play?   These are things I’m wondering….

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