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  I uploaded 85 photos to SnapFish. I’m not quite sure how to link to the album here (though I think you can try this link, you’ll have to login, but it’s free), but if you send me your email address I’ll send you the album link. Eventually I’ll put pics on Flickr, but presently […]

He’s here! Timothy Colin Klinefelter 8 lbs 5 ounces, 21 inches Born at 5:57 this morning. Babe and Sarah are doing great! Oodles of pictures are coming…. I uploaded a few photos to Facebook (even if you aren’t on Facebook you can see them). You can check them out at:  

Well, last week I watched the 4th movie, skimmed books 5 and 6 and at midnight Friday I bought book 7.  I finished reading it this morning (3:00 Am).  And it was good. I won’t say much as to not give anything away.  But it is a great read, if you are a fan I […]

The Dream


A Community of Faith in Pleasant Ridge in Cincinnati, OH purposed to live out the Missio Dei as a Covenant Communitas proclaiming Christ and living as a sign, instrument, and foretaste of the Kingdom of God.  Or, to put it more simply… A People following Jesus cooperatively in the 45213 zip code I believe we […]

I was sorting through some old class notes from Fuller Seminary and found these from a class Sarah and I took called Spiritual Transformation of Postmoderns.  It is hard to believe that that was 4 years ago this month!  One of our assignments was a group project and our group compiled these notes.  I find […]

Church Planting


Earlier I mentioned that a focus for this blog would be the process of planting a church in our neck of the woods.  I thought I’d try to unpack what I mean by that and where we are in said process. I’ve been journaling (an ever growing Word doc) for a bit, so some of […]



So, it seems that I may actually be using this blog with some frequency.  If so (or until I’m not!) I suspect I should give you a bit of a life-update.  Ok, here goes: Today is 7/6/07 and as of 3:00 PM I am officially on vacation from work/school.  I officially return to work August […]