So, it seems that I may actually be using this blog with some frequency.  If so (or until I’m not!) I suspect I should give you a bit of a life-update.  Ok, here goes:

Today is 7/6/07 and as of 3:00 PM I am officially on vacation from work/school.  I officially return to work August 6th, upon which I will be participating in an INTERalliance summer (IT) camp for 10th graders (3 of which from our school). During this month off I hope to clean-out my Inbox, go to the zoo with The Cloe, sleep more, and have a baby.  Sarah is due any day now (officially the 20th).  We’re having a boy and his name will be revealed upon deliver of said package.

I’m on Facebook now, so if you are then let’s hook up.

I’m on LinkedIn too, so let’s do likewise.

I blog about Education Technology here (EduTech), but I don’t update as regularly as I’d like.

Paul and Joe are trying to get me to use StumbleUpon, but I’m just not getting it…

I’m using my again.

And my Flickr is maxed out and it really wants me to give them some $ so I can post more pics, which I probably will do so that I can share pics of The Boy.

I’m not cool enough yet to use Jott, Twitter, or some all-encompassing feed aggregator like Jaiku.  Maybe someday I will be.

Church planting thoughts are still rumbling around in my mind/heart/soul…. and I’m sure I’ll share them as they tumble forth.

That is all.


3 Responses to “Life-update”

  1. I dont know Paul or Joe . . . but they indeed offer wise counsel! Stumble upon is the greatest time vacuum ever!!!

    (glad your back!)

  2. Well I just tried to sent you a Pownce invite.. so sign up! oh and be sure to check your email junk mail, it might find it’s way there..they have been having problems with that as of late. love ya man!

  1. 1 Learning Curve :: EduTech

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