Timothy Colin Klinefelter : oodles of pictures


Timothy Colin Klinefelter


I uploaded 85 photos to SnapFish. I’m not quite sure how to link to the album here (though I think you can try this link, you’ll have to login, but it’s free), but if you send me your email address I’ll send you the album link. Eventually I’ll put pics on Flickr, but presently my account is full and they would like for me to give them some $$$ so I can add more. Anyway, with SnapFish you can view and, if you are so inclined, order prints.


3 Responses to “Timothy Colin Klinefelter : oodles of pictures”

  1. 1 #Debi

    Hey, Congrats! That is the most precious baby photo I’ve seen in a long time! We’ll have to make a trek up to Cincy soon to see everybody…

  2. 2 John Hill

    Hi – don’t know if you remember me from back in your Aldersgate Camp days. I was a camper when you were on staff and was a counselor for you at “Kline Camp.” Anways, congratulations – what a beautiful baby! When things calm down a bit, I’d love to talk with you some about what you are doing with the house-church thing. I’m a pastor at Christ Church United Methodist in Louisville and would love to see us have some movement in that direction. Feel free to e-mail me at john@ccum.net when you have some time.

    John Hill

  3. John – I def. remember you! Great to “find” you. I’ll email you, I look forward to catching up.


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