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When tempest tossed The waves that lost The broken plate The misplaced mate When tempest tossed The car exhaust Smells of rotten rinds And forgotten lines When tempest tossed And listening costs… Advertisements

theVoiz Blog: Gritty thoughts by Aaron Flores on Life, Spirituality & Faith: The New Big. Small’s In. “But I wondered what if churches redefined what it meant to be big. The New Big would purposefully remain smaller, need to sustain very little organizationally, and automate everything else so it could be free to live out […]

Link: willzhead: A Response to Bill Easum’s Thoughts on the Emerging Church This industrial cycle is one that Easum stands at the end of, and one that was largely driven by a scientific epistemological approach to ecclesiology. This epistemology affected the way Christians conceptualized being a follower of Jesus and greatly influenced the kind of […]

Pasadena Star-News – Seminary to expand Good article on Fuller.  As a former resident of Pasadena and current (sorta, 5 classes left) student of said seminary, I loved that Fuller was located in SoCal, Pasadena specifically.  Wonderfully diverse neighborhoods, easy walking to and fro campus (and theatres and coffeeshops and shopping and friends and …..).

All this business about discipleship as apprenticeship to Jesus has caused me to wonder what it really means to follow Jesus in 21st century America (specifically Cincinnati).  I mean he lived 2000 years back, in a vastly different world/context.  So when we read the things he said and did and what he called folks to […]

So… hum…. I wrote this post in August, but forgot to publish it.  Oops.  The INTERalliance camp (mentioned below) was great.  Cloey’s 3 year old angst has abated some and she’s made a good adjustment to Big Sisterhood.  She’s also started preschool, which she loves, but does obliterate nap time (not good).  We’re headed down […]

Us versus Who?


I’ve been reflecting lately on the idea of competition.  Particularly in the arena of church planting.  In the modern marketplace we have enshrined the act of competing.  It is what fuels our economy – from dish soap to cars to sports to education.  Unfortunately it is what also seems to fuel our ecclesial life.  I […]