The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati


So… hum…. I wrote this post in August, but forgot to publish it.  Oops.  The INTERalliance camp (mentioned below) was great.  Cloey’s 3 year old angst has abated some and she’s made a good adjustment to Big Sisterhood.  She’s also started preschool, which she loves, but does obliterate nap time (not good).  We’re headed down to Stamping Ground, Kentucky today to visit a new nephew born to Sarah’s brother.  Here’s the post that didn’t get published:

The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati – I’m off to go to this today.  8:00-5:00 each day – it will be Sarah’s first week solo with both kids.  Pray for her!  Call her if you are so inclined!  The big adjustment to having a brother is fully upon our dear Cloanna – we’ve had some exciting moments of 3 year old angst.  We’ll survive, but it doesn’t make it any easier in the moment of a tantrum.  Cloey is a great kid and I know she’ll be fine.

I’m also pretty excited about this – – Jeana Clark hooked me up with a link and I’m pretty impressed with the selection and diversity (not to mention the “free-ness” of much of their stuff).  As school gets ready to get underway (and my 30 minute each way commute) I am looking forward to listening to some good stuff.  My commute has really become a little study cell on wheels this past year.  I ended last school year listening to a New Testament history course from Covenant Seminary (I actually have a couple lectures left to hear).  I’ve listened to D.A. Carson, Dallas Willard, N.T. Wright, Todd Hunter, Brian McLaren, Richard Mouw, Erwin McManus, even Marshall McLuhan and a whole host of podcasts, sermons, lectures, interviews, and the like.  If I’m not listening to that (or music) then I’m talking to DG Hollums or Neil Tibbott and others about church planting, life, ministry, family, education, etc…  Strangely enough, I’m actually looking forward to being back into it (the commute, the listening, and most importantly the LEARNING)!

Speaking of learning I have 5 more course in my Fuller Seminary degree … if anyone is so inclined to contribute to the “Pay for Aaron’s Schooling” fund – feel free!


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