Linked Up: theVoiz Blog: The New Big. Small’s In.


theVoiz Blog: Gritty thoughts by Aaron Flores on Life, Spirituality & Faith: The New Big. Small’s In.

“But I wondered what if churches redefined what it meant to be big. The New Big would purposefully remain smaller, need to sustain very little organizationally, and automate everything else so it could be free to live out its dreams accordingly.”

Can size be an idol?  Big or small?


2 Responses to “Linked Up: theVoiz Blog: The New Big. Small’s In.”

  1. The new link for that is:

    Thanks for the link Aaron.

  2. Absolutely big can be an idol. It’s actually the subjet of my sermon today from 2 Kings 5. Naaman’s all about some big, magic cure for his skin disease. All he has to do is bathe in the Jordan. It’s so easy to focus on numbers or size (email inbox overwhelmed by spam, anyone?) instead of relationship. That said, it can be difficult to have quality relationship and outreach without a critical mass. My father, also a priest, is struggling right now because his parish won’t be able to pay him full salary next year.

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