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THRIVE – On the Greening Edge of Change: Church Multiplication Feels Good Seven Things I learned about reproduction… 1. It’s Messy 2. It’s Expensive 3. It’s not an Option 4. It’s Opposed 5. It’s Impactful 6. It Blesses the Reproducer 7. It Feels Awesome Advertisements

Christology, Ecclesiology, Missiology Originally uploaded by aaronklinefelter I like it. Though I’m wondering about Christology and a Trinitarian understanding of God.


Doug McClintick Mission – we all have the same mission (God’s). Why do we exist? Vision is a Process – with people. Vision is a preferred future of where we are going. Where are we going? Values are the DNA, the atmosphere, not right or wrong, unique How are we going to do it? Strategy […]

Randy Weener 8 Quality Characteristics Empowering Leadership Functional Structures Passionate Spirituality Loving Relationships Need-Oriented Evangelism Gift-Oriented Ministry Holistic Small Groups Inspiring Worship All 8 must be functioning well – water can only rise to lowest plank of the barrel. Response to Natural Church Development: A Strategic Comparison by Gerald Shenk, Professor of Church and Society, […]

So, I’m sitting in the breakfast room at the Ramada in Grand Rapids, Michigan and reading USA today and I find this article by Mark Hall (youth pastor and part of the band Casting Crowns that a bunch of the students at my school like). It is a good article, but I wonder what teens […]

Jesus is the first generation of leadership. The church is responsible to train its leaders (not seminaries or others). Question:  “How did the New Testament Church train its leaders?” It is simple/basic – the church is responsible to train leaders to lead the church. The harvest is ready – don’t have time to send folks […]