That We Would Be…


I went up to Columbus tonight and met with the Church Multiplication Team for the Lake Erie Classis of the RCA.  Good times, good food, good new comrades in the Kingdom.

Our car (the one with the working headlights) doesn’t have a working radio and we seem to have lost our cell phone.  So…. it made for a quiet ride up and back.  On the way back I thought about some DNA-ish issues that I’d like to see part of this church plant.  Here’s what I came up with (what do you think?):

That we would be a Generative Community.  We would create together, innovate, imagine, dream, make stuff up, improvise.  Certainly we would engage in the arts – visual, film, music, etc… but we would also be generative in how we formed our community and shaped our lives.  We create culture as well as swim in it and respond to it.  We birth new churches, baptize new believers, and train indigenous leaders.

That we would be a Sent Community.  We do not exist for ourselves.  We are sent into the world as the People of God, ambassadors for the King and His Kingdom.  We don’t “Go” as though we are compulsive or under obligation.  Rather we are sent just as the Father sent the Son and together they sent the Spirit.  The Triune God sends us into our neighborhoods and city.

That we would be a Worshiping Community.  We live and gather as a People who actively, passionately, habitually, and obediently worship the Triune God.  We unapologetically worship – we don’t sugar-coat, water-down, or dumb-down.  To borrow a definition from my friend Eric– “Worship is habits of ritual and social action with which we experientially and thankfully acknowledge God’s supremacy and simultaneously train our souls to embrace him more deeply.”

That we would be a Practicing Community.  We engage in our faith-living.  We believe deeply and live passionately.  But our passion is not a candle burning at both ends or a flash of a firecracker that burns out just as quickly as it is lit.  No, our living and our passion are done with consistency and contentment.  We live normal lives.  It is in our normalcy… our mundane-ness, our simple living that we find the transforming power of the Spirit.  Our practice (think “praxis”) of our faith in Christ is contiguous with our presence in Christ.  It is not “doing” over “being” and it is not “just being” – rather it is thoughtful, Christ-present action in and through us as Christ-centered people.

And then these came to me this morning:

That we would be a Human Community.  We are a People of God for actual people.  Our life together is lived in such a way that regular folk can participate and engage.  We aren’t about making super-heroes or uber-Christians.  When we gather – big or small – we do so in such a way that we welcome the stranger.  Size-matters – it really does.  Bigger isn’t always better, sometimes it isn’t even just bigger.  Knowing and being known are essential.

That we would be a Sustainable Community.  We want this thing to thrive and breathe long-haul, long-term, years and years, decades even.  Personally, I’m tired of quick fixes and short-lived commitments (if you can even call them “commitments”!).  I want a long obedience in the same direction.  Our community would live that out.  We are anti-burnout.


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