linked up – soupablog: Walter Brueggemann’s 19 Theses


soupablog: Walter Brueggemann’s 19 Theses
1. Everybody lives by a script. The script may be implicit or explicit. It may be recognized or unrecognized, but everybody has a script.

2. We get scripted. All of us get scripted through the process of nurture and formation and socialization, and it happens to us without our knowing it.

3. The dominant scripting in our society is a script of technological, therapeutic, consumer militarism that socializes us all, liberal and conservative.

4. That script (technological, therapeutic, consumer militarism) enacted through advertising and propaganda and ideology, especially on the liturgies of television, promises to make us safe and to make us happy.

……. etc…


One Response to “linked up – soupablog: Walter Brueggemann’s 19 Theses”

  1. Hey Aaron!

    My name is Paul Peterson.

    In July my family and I are moving to the Cincinnati area to begin the process of planting a church.

    I’d love to connect with you as we work through the planting experience!

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