Pondering yourself…


 From blog one another. Which of these describe you best?

– Pioneer, Strategist, Innovator, Visionary
– Groundbreaker who initiates an organization’s mission

– Disturber, Agitator
– Upsets the status quo, challenging an organization to move in new directions

– Passionate communicator of organizational message
– Recruits to the cause

– Carer, Social cement
– Provides organization glue by caring for the individuals in it

– Philosopher, Translator
– Organizes the various parts into a working unit and articulates that structure to the other members


3 Responses to “Pondering yourself…”

  1. can you be a combination? heh.

  2. Yes. I would say you, DG, are a combo Recruiter and Entrepreneur, but what do you think???

  3. Aaron,

    Cool way to look at the Eph. 4:11 roles. I am an entrepreneurial humanizer.

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