Decompressing and Reading


The children are nestled all snug in their beds. Praise the LORD! To those who do not have children and to those who have been parents longer than I… a confession: parenting is hard work. Before I became a parent I had NO IDEA how hard this would be. It is by far the hardest (and most wonderful) thing I have ever done. I suspect that those who have been parents for a long time just smile and nod – “now you understand”. Well, I reckon I do.

Sarah is in a new job now which means she is gone Sunday-Thursday evenings. Eventually she’ll work 8-midnight, but these three weeks she has been in training from 6-10 PM. Thankfully the wee-ones go to bed around 7:00, but that hour and a half from the time she leaves till bed time is a challenge. Happily tonight I had enough energy left to pick up around the house, write a blog post, and hopefully read a bit (oh, and maybe work on a puzzle).

I’m reading these 2 books:
Counterfeit Community
The Open Secret

Here are some quotables:

From The Open Secret, p. 34 – “The reign of God is not a new “movement” in which those interested may enlist.  It is not a cause for support, a cause that might succeed or fail according to the amount of support it attracts.  It is, to be precise, the reign of God, the fact that God whom Jesus knows as Father is the sovereign ruler of all peoples and all things.  The announcement means that htis fact is no longer something remote – far up in the heavens or far away in the future.  It is an impending reality, in fact, the one great reality that confronts men and women wit the need for decision.”

From Counterfeit Community, p. 21 – “Community is organic, not contractual or artificial.  In a sense it is a living organism that is continually changing and adapting to challenges in the environment.  …  The degree to which community develops is ultimately dependent upon the nature of the social, economic, and political fabric of a group of people.  Community is not formed by people who get together and agree to sign their names to a document to form a community; rather, it is created over time as people form connections with each other, develop trust and respect for each other, and create a sense of common purpose.”

Ok, that’ll do for now.  Good night all.


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  1. I loves me some Newbegin . . .

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