2007, a retrospective in pictures

Klinefelters 2007

So, we’ve been organizing pictures (for the purpose of Christmas cards and gifts) and we made an album of Klinefelter Family pictures of this past year.  Click above to enjoy.

Most of the dreaded Christmas presents are purchased.  I say “dreaded” because I highly dislike the stress that gift buying produces.  I actually like giving gifts for people, it is just a bit anti-climatic when you are buying for people who really don’t “need” anything (that would be most folks we know… which is really a sad commentary on who we know).  Anyway, like I said, we’re almost finished.  We’re yet to write the Christmas letter, but hopefully tomorrow.  I’ll probably post it here once it has been completed.

The semester finished today with a collective sigh heard around the campus.  I feel like I’ve collapsed into to the Christmas break.  I love what I do and have enjoyed a wonderful semester teaching and working with the students and my colleagues.  It is so much fun to watch the students learn and grow as young people becoming adults!  This year I’m honored to teach a Chapel Leadership class for students who plan, organize, and produce our weekly Chapels.  It is a great group of students who love Jesus and earnestly desire to see the student body engage with God in worship.  They are a joy to teach.  Cisco, computer networking, has been good too – we’re behind in the curriculum, but that’s ok we’ll catch up.  I’ve got a wonderful group of student aides working with me this year too – they have been invaluable as we tackle the many technological developments of this year.  And in the midst of all this goodness…. well, it is still school and it is good to take a break and rest.

Unfortunately, my rest will be tempered a bit with the lingering list of things I didn’t finish but need to before the start of next semester (Jan. 2nd).  We need to get the computer lab re-imaged and, though we worked on it all week, one technical difficulty after another has beset us.  I think one evening next week should take care of the job though…. I hope.  I also have grading to do, but that won’t take too long.

Lastly, I’m hopeful that after a few days of rest I can work on articulating church planting mission, vision, and the like.  I have a sense that 2008 is going to be a big year for our Kingdom work and I want to be ready.


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