House Church Lenten Study 2008


Our House Church (Ashwood House Church in Pleasant Ridge) is looking to start a new study series, probably based on Lent in preparation for Easter.

Jamie found this resource:

From Jamie: “Lutheran Hour Ministries is providing free of charge, to any church, the permission to print a booklet of Lenten devotions ( I like the one titled Writings from the Wilderness that is written by a pastor who is planting a church in Denver. In addition to providing reflections for Lent, it encourages readers to reflect on their own life stories within God’s larger narrative. The daily meditations are appropriate for believers and the curious – thus I think it would be a way to encourage people outside the church to join us during this time. Each Wednesday someone could offer a reflection/teaching that digs a little deeper into the theme and scriptures for the week. In addition, the weekly themes would lend themselves to creating a community-built altar. Whatever resources we decide to use during Lent, I would like to see us regularly sing some of the traditional hymns of the season.”

Here are the links/resources I’ve found:

Big V, The Mothership, Tri-County/Springdale/Cincinnati Vineyard, VCC
4 week series beginning this coming week with Joe Boyd:
What It Means to Follow Jesus

“There is no biblical way to follow Jesus or to believe in his message apart from becoming his disciple (student/follower). In this 4-week class, Joe will teach Jesus’s way of discipleship while leading the students to learn how to sustain an ongoing Master/student relationship with Christ. Those who follow Jesus should expect to be continually taught and changed by his presence. This class addresses many of the common barriers to growth and depth in the Christian life.”


Bombarded with the promises of savvy marketers and easy credit, we’re offered beauty, significance, security and happiness in just six easy installments and low, low monthly payments. In the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, we often feel like we never have enough. But there’s another way. There’s freedom to be had in a more open-handed approach to our time, money and possessions. In that freedom, we can discover what it means to be consumed with the One who designed us to be so much more than a cog in a consumer-driven economy. And that will change everything.

Upper Room
Lenten Study 2008 – The City of God

“This Lent I suggest that small groups allow the daily meditations of The Upper Room to serve as the cobblestones for a journey from Job’s ash hill to the City of God. I choose the image of the city deliberately. Biblically, history will find its fulfillment in the City of God, the New Jerusalem. This should not be surprising. The city, after all, is where all the people are!

I grew up in California, and I enjoyed visiting the missions. The road that ran north and south through Colonial California was called El Camino Real – “the royal road.” The missions were outposts established about a day’s ride apart, places where travelers could find rest, shelter, and sanctuary.

Our Lenten small-group meetings are like mission points along the road to Easter. Each outpost has its own name: Justice, Shalom, Righteousness, Hope, and Healing before we find ourselves in hailing distance of the City of God.”

Pathways of Prayer

“Reflecting the season, BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship and Daily Service will take up the theme of Pathways of Prayer in partnership with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) who are providing a study guide and complementary materials on their website.”

Each week the Radio 4 Sunday Worship preacher will focus on a particular Pathway of Prayer. These will be:
• The Path of Holiness
• The Path of Social Justice
• The Devotional Path
• The Sacramental Path
• The Contemplative Path
• The Charismatic Path

Lenten Hymns: (topic: Lent)

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Meditations on Lenten Hymns

Oremus Hymnal: Lent

Hymns and Canticles for the Lenten Season

The Lutheran Folk Passion
These are a collection of Lutheran Hymns or Christian hymns relating to the season of Lent and to the week of the Passion of our Lord.

General Resources for Lent and the Christian Year:
The Lectionary Page


Textweek (beginning with Ash Wednesday)

Ash Wednesday, Feb. 6th
Imposition of Ashes

Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal, Hyde Park)
7:00 PM

Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal, Downtown)
6:00 pm

(I’m sure there are many more, but these are the only ones I could find posting on their website)


2 Responses to “House Church Lenten Study 2008”

  1. My house church/small group and the church I attend are doing Consumed. I scanned some of the book last night and it looks great.

  2. Just a note to let you know that the Cyber Hymnal has a new URL: Please spread the word!

    The Cyber Hymnal is currently linked from your blog.

    God bless…


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