Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008



Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008 intro letter (pdf)

You are invited.

Wanna play? Email me.

Via Crucis :: Immersion is an experiential Stations of the Cross. Via Crucis is based on the 14 Stations of the Cross … remixed. Our expression of this ancient Christian practice will be multi-sensory,multi-denominational, multi-layered, and multi-media. Via Crucis :: Immersion is a pilgrimage. A journey into the heart of God. It is an immersion into the suffering of Jesus and a discovery of our own brokenness. It is Christ’s passion.

2 Responses to “Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008”

  1. Hey Aaron –

    I hope that this finds you doing well. I took a drive down to Norwood today to experience via crusis immersion 2008 with two of my 8th grade students. As we left the church and began to process the experience one girl stated that she now understood what Easter was all about. Wow! We were all deeply moved by sharing together in the journey. Thanks for putting this together and for being faithful in being the man God has created you to be.

    Would love to see you sometime and meet Timothy!


  2. Awesome!

    We’d love to see you all too. Let’s email….

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