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Library App


I love my library! The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is really a wonderful library, and their online resources are pretty good….. but there’s an application that would totally rock.  What if you could create an RSS feed out of your checkouts, holds, etc…  This could serve as a “What am I reading […]

Meme Watching


Sorta like Whale Watching or Bird Watching only different. According to Wikipedia: “A meme (pronounced /miːm/[1]) consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods and terms […]



So, I took another one of those Facebook apps quizes.  I took one a while back that said I’m “Very Reformed”, now apparently I’m also “Very United Methodist”.  Is it possible to be a Reformed Wesleyan?  If so then I might qualify.  According to the (fun) FB quiz I’m…. John Wesley’s other brother You’re very […]

So we’re watching this video in the 11th Grade Bible class that I’m subbing – The Spreading Flame: “This video takes you on a journey to the beautiful Alpine hills and valleys of Northern Italy, where the faithful Waldenses followed the simple path of New Testament Christianity. To Germany and walk in the footsteps of […]

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