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Jesus says: “What is all that?  Egypt, Italy, Greece, Germania, Asia, what is all that?  It’s the world, my lord.  That’s what it is to us, it’s the world to whom we are to be the light, we, our people!” He was outraged.  “What are you saying?” “It’s where I live, my lord,” I said.  […]

Planting Milkwood – building a sustainable life – About Us Quite possibly, this is who I want to be when I grow up!  Click above and read.

Heidi and Katelynn Originally uploaded by aaronklinefelter My sister (Heidi) had her baby last week. We’re down in 40361 (Paris, KY) helping her out and house-sitting for my parents.

Section: Poetic Books Passage: Psalm 114-118 These five Psalms paint a picture of the universal nature of God’s rule, the kindness of God, and his faithfulness to Israel. In Psalms 114 and 115 we get a picture of earth subject to the rule of God, “Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord” (114:7), […]

Section: Historical Books Passage: 1 Chronicles 13-17 We find in the account of David and Israel in 1 Chronicles a beautiful example of centripetal mission. Israel, and David in particular, is highlighted as a showcase for the nations. What is striking is the function of Israel’s worship of God as evidence of this centripetal movement. […]

Section: Pentateuch Passage: Genesis 1-5 In the story of Creation and Fall, we see God’s initial missionary activity.  Though this passage is often not read missionally, we see important precedents for God’s missionary work in the world.  First, God is the universal creator.  Everything in the cosmos has its origin in God and his initiation.  […]

I’m taking the week off of work to finish my coursework for the Fuller Seminary class I’m taking.  Here’s what I have to do: Course Requirements Overview 1. Completed reading log 2. Bible reading report, containing a summary paragraph for each of the ten sections (5 chapters each) of the Bible that are read 3. […]