MT520 – Bible reading report – Pentateuch


Section: Pentateuch
Passage: Genesis 1-5

In the story of Creation and Fall, we see God’s initial missionary activity.  Though this passage is often not read missionally, we see important precedents for God’s missionary work in the world.  First, God is the universal creator.  Everything in the cosmos has its origin in God and his initiation.  Therefore, God is separate from and Lord over all of creation.  God is shown in the first scene of scripture to not be a particular deity of a people group, rather the Lord of all.  We see the first hints of God’s all-consuming and universal love for the world even in these opening passages.  Second, God’s creation is designed with humanity in mind.  The apex of the Genesis 1 account of creation is verse 26, “Let us make people in our image, to be like ourselves.  They will be masters over all of life”.  God’s provision and blessing for humanity is evident in the creation narrative.  Humanity is blessed and honored by being made in God’s image, but is also provided for by the process of creation, “seed-bearing plants [and]… fruit trees for your food” (1:29).  Third, God’s grace is experienced throughout the opening chapters of the story.  Even in the banishment from the Garden of Eden God provides clothing for the newly exposed first couple (3:21) and food (3:18).  Likewise, God’s graciousness is apparent when Cain is cursed (4:15) by his mark of protection.  In all of these ways, we evidence a God who is active and intentional with his creation, in particular the apex of his creation – humanity.


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