MT520 – Bible reading report – Poetic Books


Section: Poetic Books
Passage: Psalm 114-118

These five Psalms paint a picture of the universal nature of God’s rule, the kindness of God, and his faithfulness to Israel. In Psalms 114 and 115 we get a picture of earth subject to the rule of God, “Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord” (114:7), “The heavens belong to the LORD, but he has given the earth to all humanity” (115:16). While these Psalms are certainly oriented to the nation of Israel, they are not without an eye toward the all-encompassing reality of God’s rule and reign. Psalms 116 and 118 are interesting in that they are solely focused on the familial relationship of God and his people. Any mention of “the nations” is derisive as they are depicted as enemies, “Though hostile nations surround me, I destroyed them all in the name of the Lord” (118:10). However, neither Psalm claims that God is merely the God of Israel, simply that God does care for them ultimately. It is worth noting that Psalm 117 falls directly between the these two nationalistic Psalms as it is specifically and concisely pro-nations. We see in these Psalms, taken together, that God provides, sustains, blesses Israel, but not in exclusion of the nations. And, as Psalm 117 proclaims, all nations are called to praise him (117:1).


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