Quotable >> Chirst The Lord: The Road to Cana


Jesus says:

“What is all that?  Egypt, Italy, Greece, Germania, Asia, what is all that?  It’s the world, my lord.  That’s what it is to us, it’s the world to whom we are to be the light, we, our people!”

He was outraged.  “What are you saying?”

“It’s where I live, my lord,” I said.  “Not in the Temple, but in the world.  and in the world, I learn what the world is and what the world will teach, and I am of the world.  The world’s made of wood and stone and iron, and I work in it.  No, not in the Temple.  In the world.  And I study Torah; and I pray with the assembly; and on feasts I go to Jerusalem to stand before the Lord – in the Temple – but this is in the world, all this.  In the world.  And when it is time for me to do what the Lord has sent me to do in this world, this world which belongs to Him, this world of wood and stone and iron and grass and air, He will reveal it to me.  And what this carpenter shall yet build in this world on that day, the Lord knows, and he Lord shall reveal it.”

He was speechless.

I love that exchange between Jesus and Hananel of Cana!

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