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These are my notes (random though they may be)…. Miroslav Volf lecture 9/20/08 St. Timothy Episcopal book – Free of Charge (get it!) Gift Giving Culture Critique of a Cost-Benefit Analysis/Sales Culture as applied (or organized) to relationships Enmeshment Globally vs. Isolationist tendencies of US culture (results in insecurity) Kierkegaard quote re: in giving, in […]

Nissen, Johannes.  New Testament and Mission: Historical and Hermeneutical Perspectives.  2nd ed.  (New York: Peter Lang, 2002) Johannes Nissen is an Associate Professor of New Testament Exegesis at University of Aarhus in Denmark.  This work on New Testament and Mission was written in Danish and was initially released in 1996, it is now it its […]

Van Engen, Gilliland, and Pierson, eds. The Good News of the Kingdom (Maryknoll: Orbis, 1993) The Good News of the Kingdom is an anthology of ecumenical missiological thought in tribute to the life and work of missiologist Arthur Glasser.  Like Glasser’s own writing, the Kingdom of God as a theological theme ties this work together.  […]

Glasser, Arthur with C. Van Engen, D. Gilliland, and S. Redford, eds.  Announcing the Kingdom: The Story of God’s Mission in the Bible (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2003) The scope and drive of Arthur Glasser’s Announcing the Kingdom is the primacy and unity of “God’s purpose and action in mission in human history” (17).  Both […]

So, we prayed.  I was a bit late (traffic) but Liz and Jackson and I spread out across campus and prayed that God’s Kingdom would come to campus as it is in heaven.  We “marked” our prayers with blank post-its or sidewalk chalk.  If you see random post-its (like this pic) or marks on campus […]

I’m in wont of reflection.  But it just isn’t happening.  Start the new gig at NKU doing campus ministry 2 weeks ago.  I’m in my 3rd week now and it is going very well, but like all transitions it is a process.  I’m adjusting to the new schedule, the new tasks, the new “figuring out […]


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