Thy Kingdom Come (emphasis on the “Thy”)


I’m in wont of reflection.  But it just isn’t happening.  Start the new gig at NKU doing campus ministry 2 weeks ago.  I’m in my 3rd week now and it is going very well, but like all transitions it is a process.  I’m adjusting to the new schedule, the new tasks, the new “figuring out the the tasks”, a new computer, new phone, new commute, new relationships, etc….

Like I said, it is good.  Just a process.

But what I’m really missing is reflection.  I feel like I’m constantly juggling and adjusting.  Always thinking through what I should/could/might do next.  I know this will pass in time, routines and habits will be established, but for now it is not only draining (and not really that bad) but it is sapping me of the emotional energy to reflect.

These few minutes at 9:42 PM after I’ve gotten the kids in bed are about it and I’m forcing myself to do it now.

So, just what am I doing in this new job of mine?  Well, good question.  I’m getting to know the campus, the culture, the atmosphere of NKU.  I’m attempting to enter into relationships (or attend to the ones I already have) with NKU and UMC folk.  I’m working on designing and building a NKUWF(.org) website and get biz cards printed.  Those are the main things at present.  Events, programs, bible studies, service projects, worship experiences, etc… those may come in time, but I’m intentionally not putting my energies there.  I need to enter into this community (NKU) as a good missionary – listening, ear to the ground, prayerfully, contemplatively listening.  I need to truly hear people and structures and systems and cultures.

We will build in time.  I do deeply believe that there is a Kingdom movement at work on campus.  A Mission that God has called us to.  I sense a budding insurrection of sacrificial love and service.  I pray, God, help us to attend to that!

My prayer is that God’s Kingdom would come to NKU as it is in heaven.  I keep coming back to this and I truly believe it is as simple and as profound as that.

Come Holy Spirit, Come.
Come Blessed Jesus, Come.
Come Dear Father, Come.

Bring it.

Thy Kingdom Come.
Thy Will be Done.

in me.
in us.
on campus.


4 Responses to “Thy Kingdom Come (emphasis on the “Thy”)”

  1. Hate to respond like this after such a spiritual ending, but I use a great online printing company to do my business cards.

  2. Sounds good, Aaron… I’ll be praying for you.

  3. ha. no problem Steve, thanks! Is is Vista Print or something else? Feel free to email it to me –

  4. Ha! I can relate to not having a lot of time to just reflect and waiting until the last kid is in bed 🙂 Praying for all the transition stuff to go smoothly and along with you that we see “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done… on Earth as it is in Heaven!”

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