Miroslav Volf lecture


These are my notes (random though they may be)….

Miroslav Volf lecture
St. Timothy Episcopal
book – Free of Charge (get it!)

Gift Giving Culture
Critique of a Cost-Benefit Analysis/Sales Culture as applied (or organized) to relationships

Enmeshment Globally vs. Isolationist tendencies of US culture (results in insecurity)

Kierkegaard quote re: in giving, in forgetting one’s self is not forgotten by God.  “That is why one who loves receives what he gives” sk – not a calculated formula

What you give is the relationship of love.

Every gift is potentially a sacrifice.  Every gift holds within it the seeds of my own death.

God’s love is not predicated on anything any creature does – that’s the immense beauty of Christian faith.

Culture has been stripped of grace (our culture is operating on reciprocity)

** idea – give $$ to students for them to give away to those who give **  (ask a church to give specifically, share research study, to this and then report back to them on how it went)

NKUWF – create a gift-giving culture following a Gift-Giving God

We participate in God’s gift-giving.  We are channels of God’s gift giving – we are not the final address of God’s gifts

Yale class – relationship between Faith(s) and Globalization (taught with former Prime Minister Tony Blair)

– What does human flourishing consist of?
– What is the relationship with God connect to human flourishing?

John Kelsey – Islam scholar, written in Christian Century

What does it mean to live one’s life well?  The major task of the church of today!  (it is what evangelism and mission are predicated on)

At NKU WF this is what it means to live one’s life well:

(can they even be written as bullet points?!?)


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