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Been pondering what makes churches (ministries?) emerging.  Here are what a couple books point to: Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures Eddie Gibbs, Ryan K. Bolger Identifying with Jesus Transforming Secular Space Living as Community Welcoming the Stranger Serving with Generosity Participating as Producers Creating as Created Beings Leading as a Body Merging […]

I wrote this in 1999 as part of the Servant Leadership School process.  Very interesting to look back at looking back.  My life through the lens of a younger me.  I wonder what the younger me would make of the current me.  Would I be surprised?  Or am I all too predictable in my maturations […]

JW’s two points of tension with the established church: preaching of the word – issue of truth gathering of faithful – issue of fellowship cause of said tension goal of christian experience:  holiness of heart and life goal not possible without all marks of the church ecclesiolae in ecclesia (small churches within the church) providing […]

(PDF link) The harmony between the modality and the sodality achieved by the Roman Church is perhaps the most significant characteristic of this phase of the world Christian movement … The first structure in the New Testament scene is thus what is often called the New Testament Church. It was essentially built along Jewish synagogue […]