MC500 – day nine


Maybe it is just the Vineyard in me, but I loved our conversation about the Free Church/Anabaptists and the Pentecostals.  I have real affinity toward each group and how they are similar (and different) and how they can instruct the future of the church.  I’ve been particularly intrigued by the Pentecostal movement of late as it is such a fast growing and prolific movement.  Having not grown up Pentecostal it is still a bit of a mystery to me, but one I want to dig into more.  How is the Global Church – which is primarily (or almost so) a Pentecostal one – shaping the next 100 years of Christian faith?  I’d also like to study more of the Wesleyan roots of Pentecostalism.


One Response to “MC500 – day nine”

  1. Aaron, your comments MC500 – day nine sound like a post grad thesis. Have you thought about a PhD or a DMIN? Dr Larry Shelton could talk with you about Wesleyan roots of Pentecostalism.

    Sheila Bartlett
    George Fox Evangelical Seminary
    12753 SW 68th Ave
    Portland, OR 97223
    800-493-4937 Ex 6122

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