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This is a follow up to my post, On Success, and it has generated some good feedback and dialog (note the comments, good stuff there).  Benson Hines posted some other links around the same topic.  Here’s an excerpt: defining success in college ministry: Quite providentially, several college ministry thinkers have turned their attention simultaneously to […]

On Success.


Been pondering “success” lately.  What does it mean to be successful?  Specifically, what does it mean for a campus ministry (or church) to be successful?  And how the heck do we define “success” anyway!? Success is clearly not numerical growth.  It may involve numerical growth, but it is not exclusive to that.  An oak tree […]

I’ve had the hankering of late for some networking road trips. I’d love to go with a small group of folks from NKU/Cincy and meet-up with folks in other churches/campus ministries.