Of Road Trips and Men (and Women)


Ok, first off – my name is Aaron and this is my blog.  Really.  I’ve been delinquent in my posting of late and for that you can blame Twitter and Facebook and, well, Life.

But, I digress.

I’ve had the hankering of late for some networking road trips.  I’d love to go with a small group of folks from NKU/Cincy and meet-up with folks in other churches/campus ministries.  I’m thinking day trips or possibly staying one night if someone wants to put us up.  If you want to go, let me know!  Here are some of the folks/communities I’d love to meet-up (feel free to suggest more).

Road Trip #1
Lexington, KY

Aaron Mansfield and the instigators at The Rock/La Roca
Alan Creech
Kevin Clark and the folks at Vineyard Lexington

Bill Hughes and the faithful at UK Wesley Foundation
Lisa & Will Samson and subversives at Communality
and we may just sojourn to the (un)holy of Wilmore to visit the Asburians – here or there.

Road Trip #2
Columbus, OH

Father Larry Rice & The Newman Center
Jacob’s Porch
Landing Place

Road Trip #3
Indianapolis, IN

Lockerbie Central UMC
and Earth House Cafe
Englewood Christian Church
and Doulos Christou Books and The Englewood Review of Books

7 Responses to “Of Road Trips and Men (and Women)”

  1. All those look good to me! May just depend on dates/times/etc. But keep me in the loop! Good to see your blog get some action. Ha, ha…

  2. Blend it up I’d drink it! And I’m feeling some Praxis podcasts too! BTW the http://emeringumc.blogspot.com has decided to create a list of UMC Emerging kinds of things going on, I suggested they add you and NKU Wesley to the list. FYI.

  3. Alan Creech – who the heck is that guy? I don’t know what you guys would get here, but you’re welcome to it.

  4. 4 ~peter

    You’re still not off the hook for a road trip to Tulsa.

    • Don’t I know it! I’d love to make it out there to visit you, Ayschia, and Kirby Goff. Also want to get up to Kansas City to meet the folks of 24/7 – Boiler Room and the Nazarenes.

  5. A. Super-glad to see you back in the blogging world!

    B. I can add to your list, as you might imagine from a college ministry hobo. Facebook me if you want some others road-trip destinations, and fill me in about what you’re hoping to see / accomplish / learn. That’ll help me narrow it down. 🙂

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