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I Twitter.  The problem is I’ve become overwhelmed by the other Twitters.  I set up this auto-f0llow thing and ended up following way too many people.  I could go through and unfollow a bunch of folks, but that would be too much work. Instead I’m going to attempt a play on Follow Friday.  Each Friday […]

Over it.


I have completed my second to last seminary course.  Yeah for me!  So good to have that over and done with.  It was a good course, excellent in many ways, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and explore, but mainly, I’m just happy to be done.  I noted, probably 6-7 weeks ago, that the […]

I’m at the Kentucky Conference of United Methodist Church HQ for an all day meeting of Bishop’s Task Force on Campus Ministry. We’re talking about Vision, Successes, Challenges, and Recommendations. As United Methodists we live by the Book of Discipline, the governing document of the denomination.  There is a section (about 6 pages worth) on […]

Well, I’ll admit it.  I’m procrastinating.  I should be writing a seminary paper on podcasting.  But at the moment I’m pondering more about non-linear, emergent, participatory, ambient music. Yeah, I know.  You were thinking the exact. same. thing! Specifically, I’m looking forward to Via Crucis :: Immerison 2010 that we’ll be creating this Spring. (if […]