I am Aaron Klinefelter. I am because we are.

And in approximate order of chronology:

I am a Child of God, a son, a Kentuckian, a friend, an apprentice of Jesus, a student, a husband, an Ohioan, a blogger, a house church pastor, a father, connector, lead curator, technologist, campus minister.

I live in Cincinnati, OH. I am a campus minister (though I tend to think of myself more as a missionary or apostolic leader sent to the campus) at NKU, where I tend to the Wesley Foundation, a United Methodist campus ministry. I previously worked at a private, Christian, preK-12 school as a technology director and chapel coordinator from 2005-2008.  I’m also the Lead Curator for Via Crucis :: Immersion, an experiential stations of the cross, hosted every two years.

My Grandparents (Gerry and Gladdy Klinefelter) were missionaries to Appalachia with the Red Bird Mission in the 1940s. My Parents were teachers in a small town outside of Lexington, KY (Paris) – which is where I grew up. I went to Asbury College in Wilmore, KY. Which is where I met my wife, Sarah. We have 2 kids. I am s l o w l y finishing a MA in Cross-cultural studies, concentrating on contemporary culture/postmodernity, at Fuller Theological Seminary. Together with my family, we are on a Kingdom of God Mission in the turbulent waters of the early 21C.



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