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Well, I’ll admit it.  I’m procrastinating.  I should be writing a seminary paper on podcasting.  But at the moment I’m pondering more about non-linear, emergent, participatory, ambient music. Yeah, I know.  You were thinking the exact. same. thing! Specifically, I’m looking forward to Via Crucis :: Immerison 2010 that we’ll be creating this Spring. (if […]

Our discussion today of the changes in worship that Augustine grappled with was helpful.  It caused me to realize the different emphases between nominal faith communities and highly committed ones.  Specifically, it was reflective of my experience being part of Vineyard Central (a highly committed faith community) and various congregations of the UMC (more nominal […]

Just received my new book for the next class I’m about to take at Fuller – MC500: Church and Mission in a Global Context with Ryan K. Bolger, Associate Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture.  Very excited about this particular course and very excited to only have 2 to go after this one is complete!  […]

Every once in a while I go on a public library binge. Now is one of those times. I’ve been in need a good novel of late so I looked up the nominees and winners of the last couple years of The Hugo Awards. So I checked them all out (we’ll see how many times […]

I’m in wont of reflection.  But it just isn’t happening.  Start the new gig at NKU doing campus ministry 2 weeks ago.  I’m in my 3rd week now and it is going very well, but like all transitions it is a process.  I’m adjusting to the new schedule, the new tasks, the new “figuring out […]

UC Berkeley Journalism – Events – Beyond Organic: The Story of Polyface Farm Click that link to watch a great video seminar by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm (you won’t be sorry).

From Chris Marshall: Ordinary Community: Being Ready It is the sense of entitlement that I am speaking against when it comes to vocational roles in ministry. I am not against the idea of being paid, I am against the assumption that its the way it always has been and always will be. God does not […]