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I’m headed to Paris, KY tonight.  The kiddos and I are going down this afternoon and the plan is for them to hang with the Grandparents while I go visit The Rock and Aaron Mansfield tonight.  Then tomorrow (I’m really excited about this) DG and I are meeting with and interviewing some folks for the […]

What do you think of these 4 areas of focus?  Are they too broad?  Too specific?  Is it possible to focus on 4 things at once?  Can a large institution initiate focus for the whole machine from the top down?  If so, how would it go about doing it (i.e. saying so doesn’t make it […]

UC Berkeley Journalism – Events – Beyond Organic: The Story of Polyface Farm Click that link to watch a great video seminar by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm (you won’t be sorry).

My bookmarks tagged with “churchmoneyfuture” In reference to the aforementioned blogged conversation about Church, Money, and the Future I created a tag on to keep track of the series of posts.

So, I took this quiz on Facebook and it tells me that I’m… Very Reformed You are strongly committed to the doctrines of God’s grace and the exclusive supremacy of God’s word in matters of faith and practice. Your reformed distinctives are impressive, but you must be careful never to let your love for Christ […]

Our House Church (Ashwood House Church in Pleasant Ridge) is looking to start a new study series, probably based on Lent in preparation for Easter. Jamie found this resource: From Jamie: “Lutheran Hour Ministries is providing free of charge, to any church, the permission to print a booklet of Lenten devotions ( I like the […]

 From blog one another. Which of these describe you best? Entrepreneur – Pioneer, Strategist, Innovator, Visionary – Groundbreaker who initiates an organization’s mission Questioner – Disturber, Agitator – Upsets the status quo, challenging an organization to move in new directions Recruiter – Passionate communicator of organizational message – Recruits to the cause Humanizer – Carer, […]