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This is a follow up to my post, On Success, and it has generated some good feedback and dialog (note the comments, good stuff there).  Benson Hines posted some other links around the same topic.  Here’s an excerpt: defining success in college ministry: Quite providentially, several college ministry thinkers have turned their attention simultaneously to […]

Three particular items stood out to me from Friday’s class discussion.  First, the significant change from “church” as People of God to “church” as happening when Bishop is present.  I have to say I’m still a bit befuddled by this.  I can appreciate the need for increased organization and, even, some moderate buearcracy (hard to […]

So here we are.  Back in Pasadena, CA at Fuller Theological Seminary for a 2 week intensive after living in Cincinnati for the last 6 years.  Weird how so much changes and so much doesn’t…. all at the same time.  Anyway. For this class (MC500: The Church in Mission) we are to: write, on the […]

Just received my new book for the next class I’m about to take at Fuller – MC500: Church and Mission in a Global Context with Ryan K. Bolger, Associate Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture.  Very excited about this particular course and very excited to only have 2 to go after this one is complete!  […]

(PDF link) The harmony between the modality and the sodality achieved by the Roman Church is perhaps the most significant characteristic of this phase of the world Christian movement … The first structure in the New Testament scene is thus what is often called the New Testament Church. It was essentially built along Jewish synagogue […]