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From Wesley to Asbury: Studies in Early American Methodism by Frank Baker Durham, N.C: Duke University Press, 1976 ISBN 0822303590, 978-0822303596 “Asbury’s apologia pro vita sua was contained in ‘A Valedictory Address’ to Bishop William McKendree, dated August 5, 1813.  In this he used two important adjectives to describe Methodism as he envisioned it:  ‘apostolical’ […]

Jesus says: “What is all that?  Egypt, Italy, Greece, Germania, Asia, what is all that?  It’s the world, my lord.  That’s what it is to us, it’s the world to whom we are to be the light, we, our people!” He was outraged.  “What are you saying?” “It’s where I live, my lord,” I said.  […]