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Over it.


I have completed my second to last seminary course.  Yeah for me!  So good to have that over and done with.  It was a good course, excellent in many ways, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and explore, but mainly, I’m just happy to be done.  I noted, probably 6-7 weeks ago, that the […]

I’m at the Kentucky Conference of United Methodist Church HQ for an all day meeting of Bishop’s Task Force on Campus Ministry. We’re talking about Vision, Successes, Challenges, and Recommendations. As United Methodists we live by the Book of Discipline, the governing document of the denomination.  There is a section (about 6 pages worth) on […]

Notes: Third Culture leader has a different set of metrics: Failure is success Weakness guides us more than our strength Relationships trump vision Obedience is more important than passion deeper collaboration communal living prayer – if we believed we needed the power of the Holy Spirit we would pray radical sacrifice 4 Acts of Obedience:

I wrote this in 1999 as part of the Servant Leadership School process.  Very interesting to look back at looking back.  My life through the lens of a younger me.  I wonder what the younger me would make of the current me.  Would I be surprised?  Or am I all too predictable in my maturations […]

JW’s two points of tension with the established church: preaching of the word – issue of truth gathering of faithful – issue of fellowship cause of said tension goal of christian experience:  holiness of heart and life goal not possible without all marks of the church ecclesiolae in ecclesia (small churches within the church) providing […]

I suppose with a title like that you’d assume this was some profound spiritual or theological pondering on the meaning of the incarnation and God’s missional call to incarnate in our contexts and locale. Nope. I can’t sleep.  It is 3:46 AM.  I think it is a combination of acid reflux and Christmas excitement.  And […]

Composting maggot close-up Originally uploaded by aaronklinefelter These guys rock! They are amazing composters and processors of food and bio waste. They live in what started as a worm composting bin (but the maggots ate them out of house and home). By the way, these guys are Black Soldier Fly maggots (learn more here).  They […]