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Over it.


I have completed my second to last seminary course.  Yeah for me!  So good to have that over and done with.  It was a good course, excellent in many ways, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and explore, but mainly, I’m just happy to be done.  I noted, probably 6-7 weeks ago, that the […]

In this second day of class we dove into the church worksheet, which I find very helpful as a schema to look at church and its accumulated trappings.  Thinking of Jesus and the Kingdom of God in this context was particularly illuminating.  Specifically, viewing Jesus as being counter-cultural and redefining “family”, in some cases scandalously […]

So, there’s a bit of a conversation afoot.  The Reverend Marshall started it off with this post, Brother Evans elucidated in response, The Bishop pondered prophetically(?), Co-Conspirator Steve used the “E” word (as in “Empire”, of course), and Marshall expanded his thinking thusly. Which brings me to my own mental wanderings on the topic.  How […]