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I Twitter.  The problem is I’ve become overwhelmed by the other Twitters.  I set up this auto-f0llow thing and ended up following way too many people.  I could go through and unfollow a bunch of folks, but that would be too much work. Instead I’m going to attempt a play on Follow Friday.  Each Friday […]

I’m headed to Paris, KY tonight.  The kiddos and I are going down this afternoon and the plan is for them to hang with the Grandparents while I go visit The Rock and Aaron Mansfield tonight.  Then tomorrow (I’m really excited about this) DG and I are meeting with and interviewing some folks for the […]

So, I’m sitting in the breakfast room at the Ramada in Grand Rapids, Michigan and reading USA today and I find this article by Mark Hall (youth pastor and part of the band Casting Crowns that a bunch of the students at my school like). It is a good article, but I wonder what teens […]