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Well, I’ll admit it.  I’m procrastinating.  I should be writing a seminary paper on podcasting.  But at the moment I’m pondering more about non-linear, emergent, participatory, ambient music. Yeah, I know.  You were thinking the exact. same. thing! Specifically, I’m looking forward to Via Crucis :: Immerison 2010 that we’ll be creating this Spring. (if […]

Here’s an email I sent to the Via Crucis creators (feel free to comment or email your evaluations and thoughts as well): Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008 is over. Really it is. You’ve probably moved on into new and exciting (or same-old and boring) things, as have I. But we need to put Via Crucis […]

Via Crucis 2008


Via Crucis 2008 Originally uploaded by **CRT** Click this photo to view Cindy’s Flickr set of Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008 images. Like DG she’s a great photographer and captured the event well. I love the warm colors of many of her photographs, which I think evoke the atmosphere of the event at night. I […]

the death of sin Originally uploaded by D.G.Flickr Click the photo to go to DG’s Flickr set of Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008 photos. He has a great eye and sense of color. I think he captured the tone of the experience well.  Plus he played with some cool new featues on his camera, so […]


Below is a diagram of the four realms of experience, taken from an unlikely source*. Though I am not fond of the term “escapist” this is the quadrant that I perceive our Stations engaging. We (all who go through the stations) should be active participants – not mere observers. There should be some kind of […]

I tried posting this before…. but it didn’t come through…. Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008 vision and details letter (pdf) The Stations (first come first serve, let me know which one your group would like to do): First Station: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-41) Second Station: Jesus, Betrayed by Judas, is Arrested […]